toxconsult also offers eco-toxicology, especially in overlapping areas between toxicology and eco-toxicology. We have the required experimental expertise you need to monitor existing studies and to derive endpoints from toxicology data, which could be relevant for eco-toxicology risk assessment. Many years of experience have taught us wide know-how in important regulatory and scientific areas, which we have to coordinate closely in toxicology and eco-toxicology. We can provide our expertise based on our participations in eco-toxicology risk assessment in the AIR process in Europe you benefit from our regulatory network in Europe, Brazil, Japan and Asia. Another service of toxconsult in eco-toxicology is the veterinary medical assistance for animal health, hygienic and animal welfare in eco-toxicology testings.

  • Monitoring studies
  • Deriving endpoints for possible risk-management
  • Expertise in important regulatory and scientific areas
  • AIR process in Europe
  • Worldwide regulatory network
  • Veterinary medical assistance


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