Toxicology assistance and solutions

toxconsult takes care of your development candidates during the whole developmental period or ad-hoc in case of emergency, by applying state-of-the art methods. We review and counsel on potential issues during the study period, based on study results, potential repercussions on the R&D program and provide suitable solutions. Our clients get feedback of possible repercussions of study results on the registerability, on marketability and market size in different regions of the world, as well. As well as response by appropriate experts and scientists from academia about questions and topics related to the development candidate results and potential impact on the development and the registration. Additionally we advise and support you with appropriate study programs to investigate certain findings or issues which are important for the registration.

  • Support for analysis and evaluation of solutions in case of issues
  • Analysis of influences on market potentials
  • Expert discussions
  • Scientific advice


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